Are you looking for Veneers?

We produce high quality veneers from over 50 species of wood in Lower Austria.

Veneers for your individual requirements. </ h4>

In three simple steps to your product. </ h2>

1. Consultation

We discuss everything important in a phone call or face-to-face meeting.

2. Selection

Choose from our products in warehouses totaling about 2.700sqm

3. Processing

We finish your veneers and arrange the delivery.


Rich selection of different types of wood and veneer thicknesses


Whether merbau, ziricote or walnut, we only produce the highest quality veneers from various types of wood.

Customer Service

We respond to your individual wishes and put our decades of experience in your service.

About Mat-Ex

Das Team

Michael Walcher

+43 (0) 676 84 70 84 200

Michael Walcher can rely on 25 years of experience as CEO of the company.
His motto: perfection with passion

Roman Zwinz

Purchase and sale
+43 (0) 676 84 70 84 200

Roman Zwinz has been with the company for 10 years.
His motto: Success through reliability

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